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best autumn drink recipes

fall is a great time of year. crisp weather, cheesy sweaters, the holidays, and of course... delicious autumn lattes. i actually don't really drink a lot of hot drinks to be honest with you, but when it's cold i can't resist a good hot chai tea. i've worked in different coffee shops for a few years. right now i work as a barista at terrain cafe. our seasonal drink menu just came out and lemme tell you, it's bomb! definitely come to the cafe and check it out :)

in the meantime, here are some delicious recipes you can try from the comfort of your home–

apple pie chai tea latte

this drink is available at terrain and is so good. they even garnish the drink with a crosshatch cinnamon design so it looks like the top of a pie... yeah i know... incredible. since i don't have my own apple syrup, i made some from an online recipe.

slice 2 apples

in a sauce pan combine the apples, 1/2 white sugar, 1 tbsp ground cinnamon , & 2 tbsp of water

dissolve sugar & bring to a boil

reduce heat and simmer until thickened

steam 1/3 masala chai tea concentrate with milk

add 2 tbsp apple syrup to a mug

pour steamed chai milk mixture into the mug

top with a sprinkle of cinnamon & nutmeg

candied toffee mocha

terrain serves a specialty latte called the candied hazelnut mocha. it's absolutely to die for. but unfortunately i don't have the hazelnut brittle or syrup, so i made my own version.

add 2 pumps of Ghirardelli mocha syrup & 2 pumps of Ghirardelli caramel syrup into a mug

add 2 shots of espresso

mix together

steam milk until silky

pour milk into mug

top with toffee bits

pumpkin spice iced coffee

our seasonal menu offers a spiked pumpkin iced cold brew, which tastes really good. it's $10 and sold as a specialty cocktail for other terrain locations. but at our glen mills cafe location, we are byob, so we sell a non-alcoholic version at the same price... it's crazy!

i wanted to try a homemade pumpkin iced coffee recipe and this one was delicious. i'm not a fan of pumpkin syrup, so the puree and maple is perfect. add some kahlua if you want to spike it but i personally like the drink as is.

combine 2 shots of espresso, 1 tbsp pumpkin puree, 2 tbsp maple syrup, & vanilla extract

fill a cup with ice

pour 2/3 with milk

top with coffee mixture

add whipped cream

garnish with cinnamon stick

sprinkle cinnamon & nutmeg on top


terrain cafe hot chocolate


spike salted caramel milkshake

i found this recipe online and it's so good. like i said, i love a hot drink every once in a while, but i absolutely love milkshakes and anything with whipped cream. this one is really good and i'd definitely suggest using coffee cubes to make the drink last longer. sometimes i alternate this recipe with mocha syrup... it's just as good!

in a blender combine

2 shots of espresso, coffee ice cubes, 2 scoops vanilla ice cream, 2 tbsp kahlua (coffee liquor), 1/4 c iced coffee, splash of vanilla, 2 pumps caramel sauce

garnish glass with caramel drizzle

pour milkshake

top with whipped cream, caramel drizzle, and sprinkle of kosher salt

autumn spice tea au lait

terrain sells this drink and it's absolutely delicious! the honey-bush tea is from The Random Tea Room in Philadelphia, but any honey tea will do for this recipe. you can make your own vanilla syrup (recipe linked), or purchase some at the store. sometimes i do the drink sin vanilla syrup and i think its just as tasty.

brew small pot of bourbon vanilla honey-bush tea, steep for 4 minutes

in a mug, add 2 tbsp honey

add in 1 tbsp vanilla syrup (refer to the recipe here)

mix syrups together with a whisk

pour tea into mug

steam milk together with chai concentrate until silky with foam

pour frothy milk into the mug

once milk is set, drizzle honey on top


terrain cafe pumpkin white mochas


i hope you guys enjoy these drinks and give them a try! if you don't want to, you can always come to terrain and i'll make it for you :) take care, stay healthy, and don't forget to vote


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