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best food spots in Wilmington DE

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

i've always loved eating out. it's probably the thing i spend the most amount of money on... which is honestly ridiculous being that i'm a privileged teenager who could make the majority of my meals from home. but since it is my guilty pleasure i wanted to share some of my favorite spots to eat around where i live. my house is about 15 minutes away from several cool cities / towns with lots of great restaurants and things to do-

West Chester: right by the university. a small boujee college town. Philter coffee shop & local eateries

Kennett Square: heart of mushroom country. great markets. Talula's Table offers fine local dining for large reserved parties & custom menu options

Wilmington: where i spend most of my time. city eats Downtown and by the Riverfront, new markets, and popular music venues

Chadds Ford: my hometown. wineries and taverns with historical flair. Harvest offers local, veggie, and vegan options

but because it would take forever to talk about all my favorite places across Delco, i will stick to Wilmington, DE where i spend the majority of my time out. these a few of my favorite eats in Wilmington...


I wish I didn't love this place as much as I do... but as an employee I swear to god I'm not hyping this place up just because I work there... I just genuinely love the food. Greenville Brew Haha has delicious salads, soups, and tapas as well as specialty burger & taco nights. Brunch is served Saturday & Sunday mornings with an equally different but yummy menu. Greenville serves any type of mood that you're in. You can get fancy coffee drinks, cocktails, cheese/hummus boards, or just enjoy a bacon burger and soda. It's literally a coffee shop restaurant bar in one. Where else can you find such a magical place?? Craziest times to go are for brunch and lunch during the weekdays. I'd say the best time to go is with a date on a Friday / Saturday night where there is live music and literally no one is there.

Wanted to also note that this place is right outside of Wilmington, but Brew Haha has 2 locations in the downtown Wilmington area with just coffee, cafe food, and pastries!

Iced Coffee and Iced Mudslide from Brew Haha!

Greenville BrewHaha!

De La Coeur

I love the vibe of De La Coeur and especially the quality of coffee and pastries that they make. If you want to grab breakfast with a girl friend or just drink coffee by yourself it's a great environment to chill and eat in. The baked goods that they make are out of this world and they even have reserved 4 course dinner options if you want to make a private reservation with friends/family. All their food is locally sourced and special for your specific occasion. There are several locations in Wilmington but my favorite is their location on Lovering Ave. While their menu is a bit limited I think that this cafe is perfect for a quick bite and some coffee.

De La Coeur

Dimeo's Pizza

This is my favorite place for pizza in Wilmington because it's New York Style. Thin crust, cheese that slides off, and a thin layer of sauce mmm. Also they have delicious little pizza rolls with many different flavors. They have regular pizza as well as some more fancy pizza options but it's way more chill then Pizza By Elizabeths which I like. Great for pick up or sitting down for a lunch break. Every time I've gone the atmosphere is really relaxed and not crowded which is perfect. Definitely one of my favorite spots in the city.


This new food court on 10th St and N Market St is the cutest place for a quick and delicious lunch break. It's right by my internship which makes it the perfect lunch spot and it has everything you could ever want. They have Chicken & Waffles, Sushi, Indian, Thai, Pizza, Coffee & Pastries, and a full bar. All vendors are local from the Wilm DE area. There are areas to eat inside and outside with quick service that lets you get in and out in a perfect amount of time. DECO prioritizes sustainability by using eco-friendly reusable cutlery & dishes which is nice too. The prices, although high, are worth it in my opinion for the quality of food and casual but nice atmosphere.

Le Shio

If you're looking for amazing sushi, then you must check out Le Shio. I love their menu because it's not only Japanese food but Asian fusion which includes Chinese and Vietnamese options. There's a sushi bar as well as intimate seating where you can relax and have a conversation. When you go inside you really feel like you're in a fancy place in Philly but it's definitely more affordable than other sushi restaurants I've been to. This spot is great for a date night or night out with some friends.

Shumai from Le Shio

Hollywood Grill

Hollywood Grill has been my favorite place for chocolate cake and desserts in general. It's a casual diner with a million menu options but hands down this place has the most incredible chocolate cake in Wilmington. I'm obsessed. Take it to go at the counter or sit and eat a meal with your family. Super kind friendly and chill. Love this diner.

Chocolate Cake from Hollywood Grill


These noodles are insaneeely good. I love Honeygrow because it's really quick for takeout, touch pad ordering, but also a good date spot. They have lots of options like rice bowls, noodles, salads, and honey yogurt bowls for dessert. Many of their ingredients are locally sourced and you can actually see what farms they source from directly from their in-store menu. The touchpad ordering is a game changer for me because I feel totally in control of my choices. I used to work at Chipotle and since then I've never wanted to order from a person in a food line setting lmao I still get weirded out about it when I go to my college cafeteria (like once a week). If you haven't been to Honeygrow before, you should definitely try it out!

Spicy Garlic Noodles from Honeygrow

Let me know your favorite food spots in Wilmington

Where should I check out next?



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