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best makeup products of 2020

happy new year everyone! 2020 was insane and i hope we all have a better frickin year... and because it's time for yearly reviews, i thought i'd review some makeup products that i loved. i haven't posted about makeup in a long time so let me know if you want more content in the future!

these are my all time favorite makeup products of the year -

maybelline master prime: this foundation primer is super smooth, long lasting, and affordable. it has a beautiful silky finish and makes a perfect base for any liquid foundation.

tarte shape tape concealer: the absolute best concealer on the market. it's full coverage, super creamy, and doesn't crease at all. i've tried drugstore dupes but unfortunately none compare.

revlon colorstay foundation: i've tried so many foundations- sticks, powder, and everything in between. but this foundation is the perfect liquid formula. it's full coverage and mixed with your favorite moisturizer, applies incredibly smooth. the foundation has a dewy finish. pair it with your favorite powder for a matte look.

maybelline fit me powder: this powder is awesome because it's super light and full coverage plus its super affordable.

elf putty primer: i use this on my eyelids to hold my eyeshadow into place and prevent fall-out.

juvia's place eyeshadow palettes: get some of the most pigmented, beautiful, and colorful palettes for under $25! i'm really picky about eyeshadows but these are perfect. juvia's place has some of the cutest eyeshadow palettes that work for absolutely any look. they're buttery, extremely pigmented, and affordable.

revlon liquid eyeliner: this eyeliner is very pigmented and dries to a beautiful matte finish. i love how nice the formula is and how small and tapered the eyeliner tip is so you can reach the inner corners easily.

benefit they're real: they're are so many amazing mascaras out there, but this one will always be my favorite. the mascara wand makes it simple to separate, volumize, and lengthen both top and bottom lashes! the ball tip at the edge of the wand reaches small hard to reach lashes and gives them that extra oomph.

coralista benefit blush: super pigmented and the perfect brown-pink blush for every day.

anastasia beverly hills glow palette: these are the best highlighters ever. super creamy, pigmented, and the palettes are so cute all together. you can use a fan brush or tap the highlighter powder loosely onto the upper cheekbones and temples

anastasia liquid lipsticks: i love how pigmented this formula is plus they're incredibly easy to apply. most of my favorite colors are in the medium brown-plum range but i can't wait to try more colors from the brand. they stay on all day and even underneath my mask!

morphe setting spray: this was so hyped up on tiktok and from my friends and all i have to say is... it's totally worth it! the spray is super soft, hydrating, and keeps my makeup on all day.


i hope you all have a great new year! subscribe for exclusive email updates and promos


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