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business spotlight: akirah

running a business is tough work. especially in the middle of a global pandemic but i wanted to start up a segment where we can learn more about young entrepreneurs and open this blog up as a way of promoting their businesses! i posted a pretty lengthy article on conscious consumerism here, and while i do believe that conscious consumerism is definitely not the only thing we should be doing, i do believe it is important to put your money into small businesses that benefit the individual rather than large corporations that exploit their employees. especially when it comes to cosmetics, using less commercial brands are usually better because the products are just as good and contain less harmful ingredients.

i sat down with a good friend of mine, Akirah Brown, to discuss her new cosmetics business that opened just recently Akirah's Teeth Regimen.

what products do you sell in your business?

the products I sell in my business are natural charcoal toothpaste, 3D whitening charcoal toothpaste, charcoal toothbrush, and charcoal face masks. (everything she sells she makes herself.)

what made you want to focus on these products in particular?

in the beginning, i always envisioned myself having my own self-employed business. i’ve seen a lot of my friends, family, and random people around start to expand their horizons and create their businesses, but everyone was selling the same products, so i wanted to sell something that everyone used but a product that no one else thought to sell or create.

how has being a mommy and business owner impacted your life?

being a mommy has impacted my life so much because my world revolves around bottles and diapers! having a business and a kid is almost the same thing, you have to invest your time and passions into both. both inquires attention and investment.

what advice would you give other young adults wanting to start their own businesses?

if you want to start your own business you have to know exactly what you want to do. have a plan. think about something that can be used amongst the people that is essential and advertise. don’t give up and give it your all.

explain your experience starting up a business as a young independent woman?

starting my own business was definitely not easy. it took me a few months to actually think of something i could do that would impress people, something that would grab their attention enough to say “OH WOW, I really want to try this.” i had thought to create a product everyone MUST USE. who doesn’t use toothpaste everyday? especially one that helps with whitening you teeth!

akirah's business is just one of many wonderful cosmetic businesses to support right now! she is hoping to expand her store to include more products in the future. DUMP amazon and start shopping more on ETSY / Depop. all the money goes straight to the store's owner and tracking your order is super easy.

right now you can order products directly though akirah's instagram: @keepyouontrack__

i will let you guys know if anything changes!


if you have a small business or anyone you know has their own business or entrepreneurial venture, i would love to contact them! send a message to me through my Contact page and i will be sure to get back to you. let's continue to support young creatives and continue the work not just today but every day forward.


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