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coffee in quarantine

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

for all you coffee lovers out there... this is a difficult time for you. you can no longer order your favorite six dollar iced skim vanilla latte or triple shot mochaccino. life is rough. you may be in a state of mourning. well look no further! working between two coffee shops, i have quite a bit of experience making coffee drinks. here are some delicious and simple coffee recipes you can try in the safety of your home–


i used to think you could only make espresso through a typical espresso machine. but actually, espresso is the same as regular coffee beans, you just have to brew it so it's more concentrated. learning this method made it sm easier to create shots from home! ofc it's not the same has having a machine, but it totally does the trick.

fill up a french press with 2/3 espresso (i like using cafe bustelo) and 1/3 of super hot water. let it sit for two minutes. stir gently and wait another three / four minutes. plunge and serve! you can save the iced espresso to make iced lattes. my usual ratio is a bunch of ice, 1/3 espresso, and 2/3 milk.

french press


one of my favorite drinks of all time is an iced drink from my job Brew Haha in Wilmington, DE. its made of espresso, half & half, ice, and simple syrup. this is my at-home version that is equally as delish.

all you need is iced coffee, ice, sugar, and half & half. put in a shaker and shake it up gooood. pour some fresh ice into a cup and pour your coffee over. i don't have exact measurements because it really depends on how you like it. the shaker is also perfect if you're trying to make a mocha because it

blends so well. enjoy!

cold brew

CB is way better for my body because its less acidic than iced coffee. super easy to make, you just have to do it every night. fill up a giant pitcher/jar with coffee about 1/3 of the way. i also love to sometimes add a bit of espresso for flavor or a bit of chai if i want it a lil cinnamony. fill the rest with cold filtered water. leave in your fridge overnight, strain (i use a french press), and enjoy!

thai iced coffee

combine 1/2 sweetened condensed milk and half & half. whisk together well. grab a cup and fill it to the brim with ice. pour 2 shots, your cream mixture, and top with a splash of cardamom. this drink is delicious and perfectly sweet!

if there are any other specific drinks you'd like me to try out let me know and i'll give it a go! happy quarantine and stay safe xo


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