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dealing with seasonal depression

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

tis the season for carving pumpkins, walking through autumn leaves, and having major seasonal depression. even if you're completely used to the cold weather, there's no denying the fall & winter can be hard to get through, especially with the current weather going from lovely summer to fucking 30 degrees overnight... here are some tips that can help you get through -

1. plan ahead: the worst thing about the colder months is that all i want to do is curl up in a ball and watch tv for hours. it can be super easy to get into that habit especially because its so damn cold BUT the truth is, you're missing out on so many fun things. hit up some friends early in the week and plan a couple of date nights so that when you're feeling down you have good people around you. check out your college calender, fb pages, and other local events. having something to go to will help you get out of bed and realize all the fun stuff you were missing.

2. study groups: once the winter months hit, you can get into the habit of studying alone in your dorm. overtime this can make you feel super lonely and stuck inside your cinderblock walls. create a group of people in your classes or in your dorms who want to get out of their rooms and study. when you're surrounded by others it can really improve your mood and work ethic. who knows, maybe you'll meet your next best friend.

3. sun lamp: buy an efficient sun lamp. this really helped my mother who suffers from seasonal depression (she's from mexico / baja california). waking up next to one will totally improve your mood and your stamina for the day. you can find some affordable options on amazon.

4. treat yourself: sometimes having an incentive can help you stay focused throughout the week. treat yourself to something thats really special to you, maybe thats a Lush bath bomb or sweet treat at the end of a long day. keep your incentives light but meaningful.

5. one hour a day: leave an hour in your day to do something that you want to do. when im super tired and stressed i love to play music and sing. if you feel yourself going into a stressful or depressive state, take an hour to fully devote yourself to whatever you love to do. this should be a positive activity that lifts up your mood.





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