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DIY Poke Bowls

Updated: Mar 21

I love poke and decided to see if we could give it a try at home! This recipe was inspired by my usual order but everything can be bought at your local grocery store or asian super market. The protein is definitely a bit pricey but you can substitute raw fish with tofu / plant-based protein or eat it without. Ours turned out insanely good! And i promise it's just as delicious...


For our poke bowls we used fresh sushi grade tuna and salmon. If you like spice, you can add sriracha sauce as a little marinade. This combo was delicious but you can select other proteins like tofu, yellowfin tuna, crab stick, shrimp, ocean trout, etc. Check out these other recipes for inspo. We didn't really marinate our protein other than the sriracha but you definitely can!


Rice is crucial for the poke bowl. If there was anything wrong with this particular recipe, it would be that we didn't use the correct rice. It still tasted really good but in order to have the stuff at the restaurants you need to have steamed sushi rice. We used basmati rice but you should buy short grain Japanese rice and cook it in an electric rice cooker for the best turn out. Add a splash of rice vinegar. Learn more about cooking proper sushi rice here. A great alternative is subbing the rice for salad lettuce.


This is the easiest part! Collect some of your favorite veg sushi toppings and add them in. We put together some diced up cucumber, scallions, and avocado plus salad greens. Other veg toppings commonly used inc. radishes, seaweed salad, pineapple, edamame, carrots, corn, sweet onion, pineapple, and pickled ginger.

Crunchy toppings

For our poke bowls we added crushed peanuts, crispy onions, cashew nuts, toasted coconut, and jalapeños. Other yummy crunch toppings you can add inc. tempura flakes, sesame seeds, or crispy wontons. Also fish eggs (masago) are really tasty too if you can find them!


Finally, having the right sauces is key to your poke bowl's success. My favorite combo is sweet soy (eel sauce) and sriracha mayo (yum yum sauce). Because I couldn't buy eel sauce at the store, I decided to make it. This recipe was really easy and sooo frickin good.


1/2 c soy sauce

1/2 c sugar

1/2 c mirin (japanese sweet wine)

2 tbsp cornstarch

Heat in a small saucepan over med heat until it thickens. That's it!

The other sauces we used from our pantry. We have soy sauce, regular sriracha, ponzu sauce, and yum yum sauce which is the sriracha mayo. other sauces that are good to put on top is gochujang, wasabi aoili, and coconut ginger sauce. OR you can marinate your protein with these sauces.

Best of luck!


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