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Favorite Grocery Store Finds

Updated: Mar 21

I love to grocery shop. There's something so ritualistic about walking down each aisle, perusing new and exciting products, and smelling the aromas emanating from the Hot Bar. As someone who thinks about food very very often, finding a great food product is important to me. So sit back, relax, and start building that grocery list...

Trader Joes

Best ready-to-heat meals. Specialty drinks. Delicious treats.

Flour Tortillas: I'm not a huge fan of most flour tortilla brands in the US because they hardly compare in texture or taste to the OG. But this knock off flour tortilla is probably the closest thing you'll get (in a US grocery chain) to a good substitute. They aren't uniform in shape which I like, flakey when heated, and delicious with some extra salt.

Birds Nests: Crunchy, salty, sticky, and sweet - these frozen birds nests are the perfect easy snack. These fried veggie patties are insanely good, especially paired with their sweet soy sauce. Pan fry in sesame oil or bake in the oven for that crunch.

Chai Concentrate: This blend is tiny but mighty - a flavor packed spicy chai that you can mix with your favorite milk and coffee. It's much better and way less artificially sweet than Tazo and other comparable brands.

Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans: One of my all-time-favs. A snack for the ride-or-die coffee lovers.

Tiger Snaps: These cookies are nostalgic and absolutely delicious. Tiger snaps are tiny little gingersnap cookies in the shape of a cartoon tiger... How frickin cute. They come in a big tub so you can totally share with your friends. If you want to...

Potstickers: The potstickers are to die for and any dumpling from TJ's for that matter. They're easy to fry up on the stove or steam in a tiny bamboo steamer. If you don't have access to an asian grocery store nearby, these dumplings are a close second.


Everything you could ever need. Great treats and greater deals.

Sourdough: Probably one of the best store-made breads out there. The US is notoriously known for having terrible terrible bread. The French would still probably scoff at this one- but in my opinion, it is the best affordable grocery store bread available. Choose from a wide range of options including white, multigrain, rye, and rosemary.

Cannoli Dip: Cannolis are obviously delicious, but little cannoli chips with a gigantic tub of mascarpone mini chocolate chip cream filling... Jesus Christ. Humans are ridiculous for making this one but I love it. Choose from a few different sizes like their party tray or dessert-for-two option.

Mini Crab Cakes: I really love the prepackaged food at Wegmans because it's so easy to make when you get home. They come in a set of six and are so easy to bake and serve. If you like seafood-- definitely give this a try.

Asian Hot Bar: Wegmans is known for their stellar hot to-go bar with options for lunch seating. I love their asian hot bar that includes noodles, rice, egg rolls, orange chicken, and wings. They have lots of affordable options so you can have a satisfying lunch after your shopping spree!

Whole Foods

Go-to for dietary restrictions. High quality with high prices.

GF Chocolate Cupcakes: I know that Whole Foods prides themselves on their healthy options, but honestly, most of my favorite items from the store are totally unhealthy! No surprise there... One of them being their Gluten-Free chocolate cupcakes. A few years ago I tried being gluten-free just to see how it would feel and I actually really enjoyed it. One of the places I went to get cheat foods was Whole Foods because they have a wide range of GF and Vegan desserts. These cupcakes are found in their frozen foods section in a 4 pack. They're dense and fudgy with a decadent luscious chocolate frosting. I used to trick my brothers into eating them and they couldn't even tell the difference.

Pizza Bar: Whole Foods has a pretty good hot bar section but it's extremely pricey. One way to get that same feel without spending a ton is buying a slice or two of their artisanal pizza. Its thin crust and they have tons of options including Margarita, Buffalo Chicken, and Mushroom Ricotta. Super yummy and about $4 a slice.

Chocolate Truffles: Literally one of my guiltiest pleasures... Do not put these in my house and expect me not to finish them in one night. Absolutely fucking delicious.

Iced Coffee: The cafe at Whole Foods is actually pretty bomb and their coffee is great quality. They sell pre-packaged coffees in the front of the store which are great to grab in a rush.

Happy shopping! What are your all time favorite grocery store finds?


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