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favorite grocery store finds

i love to grocery shop, especially when i have recipes in mind to make for the week. so i thought it could be fun to put together a list of my top favorite grocery store finds! i'm curious, what are your favorites? comment them down below.

flour tortillas: i don't know why these are so damn good but they really are. i'm not a huge fan of other flour tortilla brands in the US because i think they taste like crap compared to the OG. but this knock off flour tortilla from TJs is probably the closest thing you'll get (in a US grocery chain) to the real deal. they're average size, flakey, and delicious.

birds nests: if you are vegetarian, these frozen birds nests are the perfect little snack. they're fried veggie patties and come with a sweet soy sauce that's insanely good. you can heat them up in your oven or microwave. i love these thingies!

patisserie de chocolat cake: i'm not sure if TJ sells this at other stores because it's kind of a rare find... but this frickin chocolate cake.. is out of this world. TJ sells other chocolate cakes which is why i wrote out the official name in the title but it's basically a decadent three tear chocolate cake with a delicious rich chocolate frosting. between the chocolate cakes at costco, wegmans, and tj's, this one's my favorite.

chocolate covered espresso beans: they actually did discontinue these sadly but i loved them so much. they were always in the check out isle! now i think they do have chocolate covered espresso beans but it's in a bigger container. i love anything chocolate covered at TJs though.

tiger snaps: these treats bring me back to my youth! they are these tiny little gingersnap cookies in the shape of a tiger. taste really good and look really cute. they come in a big tub so they're easy to share amongst the fam.

potstickers: the frozen food at TJs is always a hit. these potstickers / gyoza are the best i've ever gotten from the super market. they taste really authentic and are easy to fry up. i love that i can make yummy dumplings out home without ordering from the store.


sourdough: the bread at wegmans is sooooo damn good but the sourdough is definitely my favorite. i use this bread for all my sandwiches and toasts. i especially love the rosemary sourdough for savory recipes.

cannoli dip: cannolis are obviously delicious, but cannoli chips with a gigantic tub of mascarpone cream filling with mini chocolate chips... jfc. this dip is incredible! they sell different sizes of it and even a small portion is a perfect little dessert for two. plus you get so much more for the price.

mini crab cakes: i really love the prepackaged food at wegmans because it's so easy to make when you get home. one of these options is the mini crab cakes. you get them in a set of 6 and they're the bomb. really easy to heat up and serve.

Califa Farms coconut milk: i was diagnosed lactose intolerant several years ago so i've been trying to drink more non-dairy milk. this coconut milk tastes like the real thing. it's so frickin good. it's not sweetened and is blended with coconut water which makes it really light and delicious. i always add this to my iced coffees.

chai concentrate: i really love iced chais. in order to make them more flavorful, using chai concentrate is better than just regular chai tea. at wegmans they have an entire isle dedicated to chai concentrates and it's amazing. i love the one from Tazo but Oregon Chai is pretty good too. the spicier the better!

whole foods

gf chocolate cupcakes: i know that whole foods is supposed to be known for their incredible healthy options... but highkey the only things i love at whole foods are really bad for you lmfao. one of them being their gluten-free chocolate cupcakes. they're absolutely incredible! a few years ago i tried being gluten-free to see how it would feel and it actually felt really good. one of the places i could go to get cheat foods was whole foods because they always have gf and vegan desserts. in their frozen foods section they sell sets of 4 gf chocolate cupcakes with a decadent chocolate frosting. they don't taste any different than regular cupcakes. these are the perfect dessert for anyone who is gf or not!

buffalo wings: i'm a big fan of the whole foods ready to eat section and i was not ready for their buffalo wings to be so damn good! they're really crispy and covered in sauce. i'm bummed that this section is closed right now in the store due to covid but i can't wait to eat those wings again.

truffles: i was shopping around one day and the store had a set up of truffles in the shape of a pyramid in the bakery section. so i bought them. the next day all of them were GONE. i couldn't stop. the truffles at whole foods are so damn good they put every other store's truffles to shame. i bought four packages to take back with me to college and they literally all got eaten in less than a week.

La Colombe draft lattes: whole foods has a really beautiful to-go drink section which has just about anything you could ever want. but these draft lattes are my absolute favorite. they have 2 shots in them, a bit of sugar, and a really creamy foam. usually draft lattes are sold on tap and these taste pretty much like the real thing.

iced coffee: the iced coffee at whole foods is actually pretty bomb. they sell prepackaged coffees in the front of the store and i usually buy those and pour them over ice. they sell multiple types– black, cream, mocha, etc.


i hope you enjoyed my list of favorites. reminder to check out our giveaway running now until sunday July 12th! enter the giveaway now for the chance to win a visa gift card :) xo

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