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Have you heard of Devil Corp?

Updated: Mar 21

Thousands of people looking for sales and marketing positions will apply to work at one of these corporations, each funnel into a larger marketing network. This is known as the Devil Corp.

If you’ve never heard of the Devil Corp, you’re not alone. Unfortunately many of these businesses are still up and running without much investigation… I actually was tipped to write this article by an anonymous source that worked for one of these companies. It’s illegal for them to talk about their experience working in that environment, so I decided to do some research on my own.

What exactly is the Devil Corp? How do people get scammed into working for these businesses? And why hasn’t more been exposed about this gigantic scam?

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The interview process is the first of many strange practices within Devil Corp. Most of the time employers will actually reach out to random people or young unknowledgeable applicants. They search for people looking for entry marketing or sales positions and then will directly email you about the “opportunity.” The company makes it seem as if the interview process is extremely selective, but in actuality they are always hiring, always recruiting. For the first interview, they don’t actually tell you what you will be doing other than “network marketing.” Little information is given about pay and the amount of hours you’ll actually be working. If you have a go getter attitude and the employer likes you, they will set up a follow-up interview. They will usually conduct these interviews on site (Costco or another wholesale store) where you will be selling random products on the floor or “the field” as Devil Corp employees call it.

I watched the YouTube documentary “The Slave Circle” to try and understand more about the shady practices from the inside. The company has a very strict sales pitch which they actually use in order to manipulate their employees to control everything they do. There are no chairs inside the marketing offices… supposedly to promote more productivity. On your first day as a new hire the company will go over the company’s commandments. If you cannot perfectly recite them the following day, then you’re asked to try again the next day. Former employees explained that the company structure insured that their employees followed strict rules. This is the major reason why the business model is looked at as more of a cult than a job. My source also told me that in every office there is also a separate “hype room” to boost employee morale. Inside are rainbow colored strobe lights and extremely loud techno music constantly playing on a loop.

Employees of Devil Corp also have their own special vocabulary. The most important term you’ll hear is JUICE which is an acronym for Join Us In Creating Excitement. Managers of the business will ask their employees, “Juice?” To which they will respond with fervor, “JUICE!”

Kinda like a creepy “yes master” type thing. And it isn’t just vocabulary, managers of the business make it clear that all employees should be positive at all times when working. If someone is negative or having a bad day they’re considered “negged out.” Negativity is seen as weak and the corporation makes a strong effort to keep the company atmosphere always extremely positive. Team meetings will usually happen as early as 7a where they will go over their specific sales pitch for the day and try to energize the sales team. This is just one of many ways they try to control their employees. My anonymous source told me that the toxic positivity as well as the recruiting business model had them immediately question the legitimacy of the business.

But even if the company model is pretty creepy how do we really know Devil Corp is a scam?

Well the first important factor is how the business essentially makes money. The interview is extremely vague because they don’t actually really know much about the job themselves. The products you are selling always vary and are actually owned by another branch of the company. So basically you are making their parent company more money. In the documentary a woman explains that every product is out of an infomercial. They’re very hard to sell and mostly bad quality. Second, they make an effort to constantly keep advancing their employees to higher management positions in order to reach out and hire more people. It’s all wrapped around recruiting. The higher up positions interview new people constantly and are told to “grow their sales team” to guarantee success. After a year of working in the field, the company gives you the opportunity to break off into your “own business.” Managers are expected to run morning meetings, interview and train new hires, as well as work in the field. A lot of time and energy for very little compensation.

In sales, this industry has one of the highest turnover rates amongst other companies. On Glassdoor, there are tons of complaints about companies in Devil Corp. You’ll also find a bunch of exceptional reviews. Managers of the company ask that employees leave amazing reviews and dismiss or delete negative ones in order to maintain a “positive” online presence. In the documentary, they show how every positive review follows a similar script about the incredible business “opportunity.” These keywords are ingrained into employees of the company from day one. And if you look further at the reviews you will notice mention of the three business commandments (humbling attitude, good work ethic, and strong mentality).

Beware of jobs that say Event Marketing, Event Coordinator, Marketing Coordinator, Event Manager, Campaign Manager, Entry Level Marketing, Manager Training, Marketing Assistant, Entry Level Customer Service. They’re all fancy names for the same job, standing in a store and selling random shit.

All the pictures you will see online for these businesses are the same. Their websites will have stock photos of random people in work attire and any pictures of the actual employees are extremely positive and always smiling. The company also offers an all-expenses covered vacation for top managers to stay at a tropical paradise. All the media you will see is just a formulated version of what is actually happening behind the scenes. And it doesn’t stop there.

Some of the company websites showcase an award from Fair Business Report, declaring them one of the “top places to work.” But if you search Fair Business Report, the only companies recognized by this group are companies that belong to this marketing circle (Devil Corp). On the Fair Business Report website there are absolutely 0 negative reviews and all the positive ones contain almost the EXACT same language as the positive reviews found on Glassdoor.

It’s shocking that in today’s age we are still dealing with these scams and unfortunately, now more than ever, it’s extremely easy to lure people in for new business “opportunities.” So if you are looking for a job, be careful what positions you apply for and what the company actually is.

If you come across any of these practices then RUN. Devil Corp runs smoothly when people do not question their business ethics. They’re business model functions on controlling their employees, so much so that former workers cannot even disclose their experiences within the company… To check out more resources on The Devil Corp, check out this website and documentary.

Love to all, stay safe, and definitely don't drink the JUICE


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