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how i do my fake nails at home

acrylic nails can be super cute but i'm the type of girl who either has super long coffin nails... or teeny tiny little lesbian nails. i also hate having nails on for more than like a a week or two before i either start losing my mind or am dying to change the style up.

that is why for the past several years every time i want to have some cute nails, i will just buy some press-ons at the drugstore! they are GREAT for me, stay glued on for at least a week and a half, and can be taken off without extremely damaging your nails. this is actually one of the best factors about them for me because underneath the press-ons my regular nails grow long and healthy which was definitely not the case when i got professional acrylic nails. one time after i had gotten professional acrylics... i was playing football with my brother and as i was trying to catch the ball... you know where this is going. the ball literally RIPPED my entire frickin nail off and that shit was literally SO PAINFUL. it took MONTHS for my nail to grow back. i think that situation honestly traumatized tf outta me. the worst thing that happens with these is they just pop off and you glue them back on. it can be pretty embarrassing sometimes when stuff like that happens in public but honestly i'd waaaay rather have a replaceable fake nail fly across the room than have something literally rip my entire nail bed off. TRAUMATIZING.

this is my fake nail routine–


KISS Acrylic Glue on Nails - Long Length

in this kit– double sided nail toothpick & nail glue

polish– i'm using Sally Hansen Blue Blitz 413


nail file


1. take off any previous polish. start by cleaning beneath your nails with the pointed edge of the nail toothpick found in your Kiss Nail Kit. using the other side of the toothpick, push your cuticles back gently.

2. dump all the nails out and start organizing them to match the nails you are going to apply on each finger. i usually do two rows and start from left (thumb) to right (pinky). you can match them up by either finding random nails and sizing them to each individual finger or you can do one hand, flip the nails over so you can see the number at the bottom and pick the same numbered nails for the other hand. i usually do the second method so that i am definitely using the same size nails for both hands.

3. buff out your natural nails so the surface is a bit rough. this will make sticking the glue onto them easier and the nails stay on longer.

4. gently glue each fake nail onto your natural nails. best thing is if you gently line up the nail and lightly match it up at first so you can see how it looks but not like suuuper glued on there. sometimes you'll want to adjust it right after you initially get it on there and its harder to do that once you've like smashed it in real hard at first. for example, it usually looks more attractive instead of sticking the nails on my ring and pinky finger straight up, i will actually angle them slightly inward. i just think they look prettier that way on my hands. then once you're set on the placement press the nail in further.

5. file the tops of the fake nails down a little bit to remove the little protruding plastic showing on the ends and file down the sides as you deem necessary.

6. apply your nail polish on top. i love the blue color that i chose but it was a little bit more sheer than i expected so i had to do literally like 4 coats to get it to the level of opaqueness i wanted. otherwise i really like the color and glitter pigmentation. this polish dried in like 5 minutes.

and you're all done! all of my friends think these nails are from the salon and they cost literally $8. mine are definitely not perfect and i'm no professional by any stretch but i'd like to think these look pretty damn good for the price and quality! i will honestly never get acrylics done professionally because i looove the easy take off process of these (you just loosen them up with a little tug and pull them off after a week or two with no pain or anything) AND your natural nails grow healthy underneath! as someone who is a serial nail biter these are a perfect solution to protect my natural nails.

after you get like a good 2 weeks of use i have literally reused nails before that i previously wore or you can just buy another pack whenever! click on this link to find tons of other Kiss glue-on nail options in different styles and lengths. i couldn't find the nails i used on this website but you can probably find them in your local Walgreens/CVS.

end result

best of luck!



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