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how to dress up everyday pieces

since i've been in the house 24/7 sometimes it feels like i could just live in my sweats constantly. but actually getting up and dressed into a cute outfit can really make me feel more productive. i thought it would be fun to dress up some simple wardrobe pieces from everyday to fashionistaaa. maybe you can put together one of these looks for your first day out on the town POST quarantine or maybe you can post a picture of you lounging around looking smexy in your house (like i did). who the fuck cares! here are some ways to dress up some of your everyday wardrobe pieces...

leather leggings

i purchased a pair of faux leather leggings from Kohls when i was like thirteen and i STILL fit into these. a definite staple in my wardrobe. they are so comfortable and you can wear them for a day look with a t shirt and sneaks or dress it up like i did on the right. i paired my leggings with a dressy satin drape-necked tank and a pair of black square-toed mules. i love having one bright color dominate the outfit. looks really elegant and classic. add some dangly earrings and accessories and you're set. perfect look for a speech or formal dinner out.

distressed jeans

i got this really cute pair of distressed jeans from Gap and i absolutely love them. the light wash is perfect for day time looks or a more chic look. my typical style rule is if you have loose jeans, then pair it with a tight top or vice versa. it helps to create more of a tailored and flattering shape. on top i am wearing a white button-up and tied it in the front. pair it with a really cute faux leather jacket and add some sleek nude pumps. the nude pumps elongate your legs and really complement the distressed jeans. all the colors in the look are really muted and soft while the jacket adds more of an edgy flare. this outfit is perfect for a cute lunch date or a shopping trip around the city.

favorite t shirt

i absolutely love a giant loose-fitting t shirt but sometimes it can be hard to find another way of wearing it other than with my typical jeans and sneaks. but a loose-fitting paired with a short mini skirt and jean jacket is the perfect look for a date night. it's a relaxed, down to earth look, but also hella cute. you can tuck in your t shirt or keep it more comfy. add some hoop earrings and a pair of wedges to make the ensemble even more adorable. these lace of wedges are totally in style right now and are also really comfortable. great look for a concert (other than the heels which i'd switch for sneaks) or a movie date!


another piece that i actually also bought at Kohls and i love them to this day. usually people think of overalls as totally not something you can dress up but i actually think this look is really cute and perfect for a date, picnic with the girls, or even holiday party. underneath the overalls, pair it with a classic white button down and cute comfortable pair of heels. i absolutely love this pair from Marimekko. you can even add a funky belt to amp up the look. add some accessories and you're all set!


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