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I'm Back!

Hello friends... I am finally back in full swing. It's been a full year off the blog and a very fundamental year for me. I became sober from drugs (not hard ones! i'm okay), I'm in an incredible relationship, I love the house I'm staying in. I have a cat named Cone. Basically, I'm a lot better now than where I was January 2021. Things are still hard-- I have intense seasonal depression where I wake up and want to just stay inside forever. I have terrible financial habits. My dog passed away a week ago and it broke me. I don't always spend my time in the best way. But alas, we've all got problems. Truth is, I'm fine.

One of the best things about the blog, other than writing and venting to you all was my Pinterest blowing up! I actually had a brand deal with Javy which was pretty cool and had my videos circulating all around the world. It's super crazy and surreal that people are actually out here watching my recipe videos... But I guess that's what the internet is for! All of that said-- I think I want to focus my writing this month on food. I will still be posting plenty of other content related to beauty, story times, advice, etc. but with the overwhelming number of food/coffee fans I thought I'd give them what they want! Plus, I've been really enjoying cooking. Cooking is one of my favorite things to do and put my heart and soul into. When I'm having a rough day, all I want is to cook a warm meal with my girlfriend or my friends. Eating together makes me so happy. Especially eating something that I put my heart and soul into.

I'm going to be making all kinds of recipes. As of right now I eat everything. This is for several reasons.

1) I have health issues. For those who don't know me personally I have major gastric issues and for that reason, having a balanced diet of all foods has been really good for me. I had lost a lot of weight in the summer and my doctor recommended that I bulk up. I couldn't eat large portions of food so plant-based was also causing me weight loss. After switching back to an everything diet, I am finally at my ideal weight. This isn't for everyone, consult with your doctor on what's best for you.

2) I'm broke. It's unfortunate that a lot of my go-to vegan options just aren't available to me now. I love rice and beans but I can't eat that everyday unfortunately. Beans are also really bad on my stomach as with lots of veggie Indian food :( Sucks but I have to listen to my body.

3) I live in one of the worst counties of Ohio for good food. The options for plant-based out here are SLIM. And when I say slim I mean non-existent. There are a few really good options-- Kims Korean Grocery and Thini Thai. They have a lot of veggie and vegan options but also cost money. TJs and Whole Foods (my typical stores) are a 30 minute drive away and it's the dead of winter so driving isn't always a possibility with the snow. In short, we have very limited access to good, organic produce and affordable plant-based options that I like and can eat.

Those reasons being said, I may not eat animal products forever. I know about the unethical ways meat is produced in the country, but I also know about the unethical ways food // produce in general is produced. It's truly sickening and I hope that if I ever continue to cook I will be able to afford and put money into companies that are ethically sound and manufacture good and healthy foods. For right now, as a senior college student in bumble-fuck Ohio... that's just not an option :(

With all that being said I do tend to always make vegetarian / vegan options for my friends who join my meals so there will be many plant-based recipes for you guys to look at. I want every person to be able to learn how to cook and make creative, delicious, easy meals that don't break the bank. Sometimes I splurge on a little shrimp or fresh herbs or lox... but I love food to why the hell not.

Thanks for reading and I'll be posting my first recipe tomorrow so stay in the loop :)


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