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life update

it's been a while since i've posted on this blog. i've made a couple recipe videos and have been fairly active on social media. but i haven't put together a post. to be honest with you, it's because i've been tired.

around the time i stopped posting, i was working 50 hour weeks. i had one day off and 2-3 double shifts a week with a few 30 minute breaks in between. it was exhausting. when i wasn't working, i wanted to spend time with friends. i had a really good summer. i went to therapy once every two weeks, i was able to hang out with people, and the socialization from both jobs has been incredible therapeutic. i think during quarantine i needed to be around other humans. i needed that human interaction.

right now i'm in a different place. i work about 3-4 days a week at my receptionist job and work one night shift as a barista. things are a lot more chill now and i'm ready to start writing again.

i've been watching tons of anti-MLM content on YouTube and want to put together another investigative piece since a lot of my (few but awesome) readers enjoy those.

right now i feel like i'm in a transition period of life. it's the first fall i've ever spent not taking classes, and it's weird when everyone is in the swing of things while i'm still doing the summer grind. i kinda fell back into a depression. but i'm ready to start making goals and focusing on the things i want to be doing.

first off, i want to utilize my summer harvest. i have tons of dried lavender, rosemary, and herbs that need to be used up. i made a block of rosemary herb butter and made a candle with dried flowers from the garden. i really want to make lavender syrup or a tincture and just experiment in general.

i also want to blog a more. it would be good to start a schedule and stick to a posting routine. maybe add some video content in my free time if people are interested??

i also want to get into a project. whether that's planning an internship or opportunity at school when i go back... i just really want to get passionate about something.

wednesday was my 21st birthday and i had a great time. i got to see old friends, make new ones, and connect with everyone i love the most. thank you to everyone for making it so special and especially my brother for opening his house to our guests and celebrating with me. (picture from party)


that's all i have for now, i'm sure i'll talk about more interesting things on here. i think posting more recipes would also be really good since i gotta stop spending my frickin money on takeout! but i can't wait to start getting more involved and just doing things for me and no one else. i

it'll be January before we know it.

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