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merry christmas fam

i hope everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday! please consider donating to foundations that help low income families such as Make a Wish, Prison Fellowship, Toys for Tots, and Nemours Child Life Wishlist. vox and bustle include other important organizations to donate to this holiday.

we had a great, easy, and chill christmas that i'll definitely remember. huge thanks to my parents for making the holiday equally special.

i will post a christmas haul post or video on my instagram but i'll share a written list here–

Kombucha Making Kit: i've never made kombucha before but i'm looking forward to trying it out! this will definitely be a hit in Oberlin for sure

Eddie Bauer Wool Sweatshirt: this sweatshirt is sooo comfortable and i love the tan orange color because it matches everything. definitely one of my favorite gifts

Leopard Print Leggings: super spunky but also comfortable. i'm going to pair these with a nice black top and wear them into work

Paper Star Lamp: my grandma got me this super cute lamp and i can't wait to put it up in my dorm!

Dunkin Donuts Giftcard: essential

Pink Stress Ball: my brother got me this and i love it, also the hot pink color is super me

Target Fleece-Lined Leggings: i needed new fleece leggings because i've worn my Anthropologie ones every single day this week and they're ripping at the seams lol. this new pair makes my butt look super good and they're incredible comfortable and warm

Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes: i always need these

Reeces Peanut Butter Cups: my absolute favorite candy

Himalayan Salt Lamp: i got this for myself and although it's super cute, i got it for cheap and it doesn't really work hahaha. the light goes in and out but i still think the salt rock is pretty and looks good on my vanity

Rose Quartz Facial Roller: this is my absolute favorite new skincare tool! my face looks even directly after rolling and it feels so fresh and nice. i do this every morning and night after applying serum and right before my night cream

i hope you enjoyed this post. i have some exciting plans in the future inc. some new recipe videos so definitely stay tuned to social media and turn all notifications on! let me know what recipes you want to see me make...

peace, love, and merry christmas everyone



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