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molly & eva's ultimate playlist

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

at the beginning of quarantine, i didn't really listen to music. if you know me, you know i ALWAYS listen to music. in my room. walking around. with my friends.

i think that's why i kinda stopped. because listening to my OG playlist brought me back to thinking about my friends. thinking about chilling outside and passing a cig and listening to music and having fun. maybe it would be hard to listen to those tunes rn. but my friend molly sent me a playlist on spotify called "For Eva" with a caption that read "miss ur face" and i was like GOD i MISS listening to music and ofc I MISS HER TOO. the playlist is collaborative so she added her jams and i did too. i love the playlist we are making new music memories.

i thought i'd share some of my favorite tracks & what song is right for whatever mood you're in–


on the low by burna boy– this song has such a nice beat and is the perfect song to sway your hips to. i love putting this song on while i'm cooking or doing something monotonous because it just puts me in a good uplifting mood.

go to town by doja cat– this song is sooo much fun and i haven't heard it in a really long time so when i saw that molly added this to the playlist i was really excited. one of my favorite girl jams and the chorus is so catchy.

believe it by partynextdoor & rihanna– i'm a huge fan of partynextdoor and this might be one of my favorites from the new album just because it's so different from his other stuff. one of my new favorite dance tunes and i love rihanna's voice on this track.

blue hunnids by kool john & p-lo– this song is so fun to dance and twerk to lmao i would loveee to hear this at a big dance party. i like the beat a lot and it's a dance tune but has a more relaxed vibe which i like.

high fashion by roddy rich & mustard– i heard this song on TikTok and really liked it because it's so upbeat / fun compared to The Box which i also really liked. i love the chorus part so much. hella catchy and mustard's verse is so goofy i love it. i could see this being a great club dance song.

make me feel by janelle monae– this is such a classic feel good song. really fun to dance to. i could see this song being a great song to lip sync to or something cause it's so dramatic! very fun girl bop.


veg out (wasting thyme) by masego– i feel this song lmfao. very relaxing and would be something i'd definitely put on while i'm hanging with some friends.

heartless - remix by the weeknd, lil uzi vert– this song is so dramatic but i frickin lovee the remix way over the original. i can see this being my jam while i'm like doing a photoshoot or something. just makes me feel myself you know??

cutting ties by 6lack– i've loved 6lack since he put out prblms but this song is better imo. it's really chill and just like a nice relaxing tune to shower to or have in the background or something. very catchy beat.

f&mu by kehlani– as an OG kehlani fan, i was incredibly disappointed with her last album While We Wait... so i wasn't very excited for her new stuff. i love SweetSexySavage and You Should Be Here because the songs are so raw and cheesy asf!! but her newest album actually slaps and i looove this song. big big vibe. takes me back to old kehlani.

secret by 21 savage & summer walker– god i love this song so much. my literal two favorites on one track togetherrrrr and they killed it. 21's verses are awesome and summer's chorus is beautiful and catchy. cant wait to smoke to this song some day lmao.

a place like this by majid jordan– my uncle showed me this song a while ago and i've been listening to it ever since. i listen to it whenever i'm kinda having a rough day and want to listen to something really chill. i love majid jordan but this song especially is so calming and has a really nice melody. the ending is hella dramatic but it's lowkey my favorite part.

need me by j.i the prince of n.y– i heard this on the radio and loved the beat sm. new summer jam for sureeee. i think it's a really goofy song but the beat has like a really fun quality to it and it reminds me of philly.


you're the one by kaytranada & syd– this song is so much fun and the perfect valley ride jam. the vocals are really breathy and nice and the beat is really uplifting. always puts me in a good mood.

eleven by khalid & summer walker– i was so excited when i found out these two were releasing a song and i absolutely love it. perfect song to drive to and you'll feel like you're as cool as they are in the mf music video lol check it out. but yeah two great singers and the song is a vibe.

sunset lover by petit biscuit– this song is so cute and fun! i absolutely love how upbeat it is and it's like one of the few DJ-like songs i've been getting into this summer.

morning routine

generous by amber mark– i've never heard of amber mark before molly added this to the playlist but this song is such a bop. i like waking up to it because it's super relaxing and also has a nice energetic beat. really fun girl jam.

easy by kali claire– i really like the flow of this song and it helps me get outta bed in the morning. her voice is so soothing. the song is great and has a really good melody.

everybody business by kehlani– this song makes me feel like inspired or somethin it's so beautiful. it's the complete opposite of f&mu and i love that she has these two tunes on the album. so much soul and i'm just like yes bro i can conquer the damn day.

i got you by bazzi– okay okay i know molly would never approve of this choice because of how frickin CHEESEY bazzi is but i'm sorry world and molly i love this mf song. i think his voice is so soothing and the lyrics behind "i got you" make me feel like i'm just secure and protected and ready to get on with my day.

molly & i

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