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my shower routine

when it comes to skincare & beauty products i am all about the drugstore stuff because it's cheap, does the job, and easily accessible. but when i do end up getting expensive products i make sure it's worth while. these are the products i use in my shower routine–


i love citrus body washes. this one called Refresh is really nice even though it's literally from Trader Joe's. i usually use bar soap first and then use this afterwards because it smells so damn good.


in order to renew dead skin it's really important to exfoliate. i hate using scrubs with artificial microbeads so i purchased the Cup O'Coffee face and body scrub from Lush and i'm obsessed. use it like every other shower. smells good too.


my favorite shampoo by far is Biotin & Collagen from Organix. you can find this at any drugstore and it makes my hair really clean and shiny after every wash. it's good for thick hair like mine. if you look at reviews online it's weirdly a shampoo that some people either love or hate... but that goes for any product really. this one works wonderfully for me!


usually when you get a shampoo you are supposed to use the conditioner that goes along with it but i've realized for me that choosing a different conditioner with similar benefits / hair goals actually makes my hair look and feel better. this one by TRESemmé has amazing reviews and works super well for me. even just a little bit goes a long way!


First, I start off by washing my body with regular bar soap and use a shower sponge to rub in the body wash. Next, I use my body scrub to rub any remaining dead skin cells which leaves my body fresh and shiny. Then it's time for shampoo. I take a quarter size amount (be careful with this one because it makes A LOT of foam) and rub it into my roots. After about 2-3 minutes or so I'll rinse it out with lukewarm water. Finally, I use a dime sized amount of conditioner and rub it all over focusing on the ends of my hair. After 5 mins I rinse my conditioner with cold water... and voila!

it's taken me a while to perfect my shower routine and these are just the products i use at home. usually at school i will literally just pick out the cheapest stuff so i can be clean LOL i don't really think too hard about my shower routine when i'm over there... but during quarantine, why not treat yourself to a spa night EVERY night??

let me know of any other beauty related posts you'd like to see in the future... it'll be hard for me to offend anyone with a beauty post lmao



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