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my skin care routine

if you didn't already know, i'm a receptionist at a spa and one of the services we offer are facials. before i worked there i really didn't take care of my skin much other than the occasional Lush mask. generally speaking my skin isn't bad, but now that i'm 21 it's officially time to start a regimen.

one of my coworkers and friends Susan is an aesthetician and she did my first facial about a month ago. it was AMAZING. i felt so good and she gave me a lot of advice on what's actually going on with my skin and how to address it. a lot of people will look at their skin and self-diagnose themselves when you should actually seek out an aesthetician who can examine your skin for you. for example, i always thought i had an oily t-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) but Susan informed me that my skin was actually more on the drier side and that i should moisturize at least 2x a day.

so about a week ago, i headed to the store to pick up some new products (all my stuff is literally years old don't judge meee). i've been doing a morning & night regimen for the past few weeks and i already see a difference. so much so i barely wear foundation and my skin looks just as even as if i did!

the first book i ever bought on skincare was from Lauren Conrad. she explains the basics of skincare and what a typical skincare routine consists of. if you don't know a lot about skincare i think the book does a good job explaining the basics.

there is no set skincare routine. i recommend consulting with an aesthetician who can properly look at your skin, give you a list of skin goals (anti-aging, collagen boosting, color correcting, brightening etc.), then recommend products that specifically target those areas. because i'm not rich, i got all my products from Wegmans, CVS, & Whole Foods but don't worry guys, i did research before choosing my products. they don't have to buy super boujee and expensive skincare products, just stuff that works for you!

my skincare routine


cleansing is one of the most important parts of your skin routine because it creates a clean canvas for the rest of your products to do their magic. i like to use both a makeup removing wipe and cleanser to make sure everything has been taken off but you can do either or. there are tons of different cleansing formulas to choose from. i personally am obsessed with foaming cleansers because they are very delicate on my skin. my favorite is the Gentle Foaming Cleanser from Simple. it gets rid of all my makeup and doesn't strip my skin completely so its still moisturized. with this product a little goes a long way. use one pump, massage gently into your skin, let set for 1 min, and rise off with a cold washcloth.


i've never heard of ZumFace until i saw their social media but i was super intrigued by this Charcoal Sugar Facial Scrub. i exfoliate my skin only 2x a week using this scrub but if you're using a gentle exfoliant then you can exfoliate daily. this scrub feels amazing on my skin and has a cooling effect afterwards that feels sooo good. plus its literally sugar so it smells great too. exfoliate into your skin starting with the t-zone and then push outward gently onto the cheeks. rinse off with cold water.


Susan told me this step was optional but i decided to try it out anyway. i would agree with her and say that this step isn't a must for me, but i have some friends who absolutely swear by it. toner helps your skin by tightening your pores and gets any remaining residue out of your skin. the first toner i bought had really good reviews. unfortunately, the product has witch hazel as a key ingredient. Susan urged me to use one without witch hazel since it's drying and especially with my skin i wanted to steer clear from that, so i bought another one. the Cocokind Rosewater Toner i purchased has good reviews but i haven't tried it enough to give a full review. i will update this post once i use it more regularly!

facial oil

oils have become a new essential in the everyday skincare routine. Susan recommends that when it comes to facial oils you'll just have to try them and see what works for you. i bought two from ZumFace and they are both awesome. i got the Nourishing Facial Oil and Argan Oil Facial Serum. both are really good but i actually prefer the Nourishing Facial Oil. it soaks into the skin better and creates a perfect base for moisturizing. i also purchased the Cocokind Vitamin C Serum with Sea Grape Caviar just to see how that would compare. i really love it and think i'll start using those two serums for now and add the Argan Oil if my skin gets any drier.

eye treatment

having a good eye cream / serum is essential for curing under-eye circles. i definitely recommend using one if you feel like you need it. we have a product at the spa i work at called the Dermalogica Biolumin Vitamin C Eye Serum which i've heard works incredibly well. as of right now, i use the occasional eye treatment. the Nourishing Under Eye Masks from Skip the Spa are great but there are lots of other great eye masks you can find at the drugstore that do the trick. i love doing these on weekend nights when i'm just relaxin.


moisturizing is important for everyones skincare routine. i used to think only people with dry skin should moisturize but Susan told me moisturizing it essential for anti-aging and keeping your skin beautiful and radiant. the one that i use is Shea Moisture's African Black Soap Balancing Moisturizer. it is my all time favorite moisturizer compared to others i've used and it smells incredible. it's specifically formulated to fight against acne prone skin so it even helps with any breakouts i get. i'd recommend getting a moisturizer with SPF. i work inside and it's winter so i'm not too concerned but i'll definitely get one with SPF come spring time.


i love putting on a good face mask after a long week! i've used lots of masks before and my favorites are mostly from Lush. my top two are Herbalism and Cup O' Coffee. although i really love these masks, i've been studying to see what ingredients are best and both clay and charcoal were recommended. charcoal is a deep cleansing ingredient used in skincare that unclogs your pores and removes oil and impurities. clay also has absorption properties and transfers minerals back into the skin. the Detoxifying Clay Mask from Burts Bees has both ingredients! after using it several times i can definitively say that i loooove this face mask. it really works and my skin always feels radiant and refreshed. doing a mask once or 2x a week is recommended.

in the mornings i cleanse, add facial oil, and moisturize. at night i cleanse, exfoliate 2x a week, tone, occasionally do a mask, add facial oil, and moisturize. is a great website for researching drugstore and professional skincare brands! just remember to do your research and experiment with different products to find what works best for you.

hope everyone is having a safe and happy holiday. let me know whats posts you want to see next!


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