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organizing your space

it took me months from getting home to actually start organizing my room. i waited for so long because i didn't feel like it and i wasn't ready at that time to put the effort in. but a month ago i did it and it feels great to finally live and breathe in a clean space again. my close friend Missy actually just moved into a new place at the beginning of the month so i asked her if she could share some of her organization tips with us!

i started my organization journey by decluttering. the first thing you should do it go through your space with several large trash bags and create piles– donate, sell or give away, and trash. if you haven't used or worn the item in 3-4 months i usually say BAG it. if you really like it but don't know, keep it in your closet for a month and if you don't use it by the end of the month than BAG it.

once you've decluttered THEN it's time to organize! Missy loves to shop at Marshalls, Target, Walmart, and TJ Max for a lot of her furniture / decor. most of my organizational stuff has been given to me or thrifted. i like using baskets and bowls to organize most of my stuff. the key is to make every item easy to retrieve. if you have piles of things over piles of things then you will ultimately forget what you have.


Storing Your Jewelry

Missy: I’m a huge fan of jewelry, so efficient jewelry storage is important to me. I got this mirror from the container store about a year ago. You can hang it from the back of your door and when you open it up, it has jewelry storage. It has separate slots for rings, earrings and necklaces. I think jewelry, especially necklaces, are notoriously difficult to store and organize, so this mirror is a huge help. I also always like having mirrors because they really open up a room.

Eva: The easiest way to organize your earrings is laying them out. This earring tree that I collected is my favorite because it looks beautiful! Plus I can easily find all of my earring sets. In the wooden chest to the left is where I store the rest of my jewelry like studs, brooches & pins, necklaces, etc.

Storing Your Toiletries

Missy: I share a bathroom with two other people, so I like keep most of my toiletries in my bedroom. This 3-drawer storage is from Walmart, and It has been a lifesaver. I’m able to neatly store my skincare products, hair products, fragrances, and any other miscellaneous products that I use on a daily basis. The bottom drawer just keeps random products that I don’t have any other space for. Keeping all these items organized keeps me sane and helps me locate any item quickly.

Eva: At home, I have my own bathroom which is so convenient when it comes to organizing my toiletries. On the top left I have my face products including my amazonian clay mask, lush masks, nose strips and makeup wipes. On the top right is where I store my face cleansers and exfoliant creams from the drugstore. On the bottom left I have all my teeth stuff and then on the right I store my hair products. The most common products I have more easily available than others. Having all your products laid out is the best way to organize them. If I don't use a bathroom product for 2-3 months, I'll usually toss it. This helps me declutter every once in a while and make room for new products.

Organizing Your Closet

Missy: My closet isn’t anything out of the ordinary, but I do really like the hanging shoe storage that I use. I bought it a while ago, but I believe it’s from either Target or Walmart. I’ve made it a habit to put my shoes in the organizer right when I get home from anywhere. I also like the shelf that I have on the top of my closet. I store my hairbrushes as well as any hair accessories that i have. The more organized, the better. Any kind of clutter or mess causes me a lot of stress, especially in my bedroom. At my previous apartment, my bedroom was a lot smaller than my current room, and I became insanely clutter-averse as a result. I can’t spend time in my bedroom, or any room for that matter, if there is a mess.

Eva: Having a lot of closet space is very nice, but super difficult to maintain! I've actually organized my closet twice this year and I still feel like it's a lot... but i narrowed it down to the most essential pieces. Working from left to right I have my winter jackets, blazers, leather jackets, blouses, button downs, skirts, summer pants, summer dresses, and fancy dresses. At the bottom is where I store the shoes I rarely wear for fancy / outdoor occasions as well as my slippers / comfy shoes. The best way to organize my other shoes is this hanger. It saves me tons of space and looks really cute. Like Missy, having a shoe rack is essential. The last picture on the right is another closet I have next to my clothes. At the very top I have all of my old journals, notebooks, and letters as well as scripts, music, and memos. Below that is where I store my craft materials. Then I have my headbands and purses. The next shelf is my creepy doll shelf but I love the collection so I wanted to kinda put it on display! At the very bottom is where I'm currently storing my college stuff.

Organizing Your Desk

Eva: Having a productive place to work on the computer as well as get dolled up in the morning is important. I've had this desk for as long as I can remember, it belong to my mother before I received it! On my desk is where I keep all the trinkets I love the most. Inside the drawers is where I store my desk materials and craft supplies as well as all my makeup. I really like the mirror and how everything is easy to access.

Organizing Your Bedside Table

Eva: Sometimes it can be really difficult to remember all the things I'm supposed to take for the day. I like to have my medications in a little basket by my bedside so that I don't forget. I also keep lotion, hand sanitizer spray, a mask, and a lighter for my candles there as well. On the top my table I like to keep some cute knick knacks that make me feel good. It's nice to wake up to those things.


huge thanks to Missy for writing this post with me and sharing her advice! leave comments for us in the section below xox

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