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pampering my mama

i woke up today feeling really crummy. i had a headache and a tiny sore throat from the mini fan that blows right up my nasal passages all damn night. sooo i asked my mom if she'd be down to do a lil spa day and she said yes! my mom has definitely been the subject of my "spa routines" when i was in my tweens and my god did she have to put up with some really shitty service lmfao. but now that i'm 20 and actually know what i'm doing she is a LOT more trusting in me.

i started the session by asking her "so what are the things you want to do accomplish?"

she pointed to her nose. she felt like her T zone was oily. she told me she hadn't gotten a pedicure since Christmas. she hadn't been pampered for a while.

i'm actually not trying to air out all of my mom's dirty laundry rn hahaha i'm just trying to explain to you guys that once i knew what she wanted to get out of the session i could pick out products that would target those areas!

the first thing i did was give my mama a pedicure. i've always liked to do nails. it's really therapeutic for me so i gave her the spa treatment as much as i could without any professional tools. i started by cutting and filing her nails. i gave her a lil foot massage (which i'm pretty good at btw) and then lightly pushed her cuticles back. i added a base coat from OPI and finished by adding polish. the polish is from Sally Hansen Insta-Dry collection which is my FAV. the colors dry so fast and are really pigmented. the color my mom picked out was Expresso and i think it's absolutely gorgeous for the summer. plus it looks great on her skin tone.

afterwards we did a little face routine together. i use like the same couple products always because i'm a young girl balling on a budget but also because they're good?? so why would i get others? and after we finished the routine my mom was soooo happy with the results!

start by removing any residue / old makeup using a makeup remover wipe. my favorites are the blue ones from Neutrogena because they remove everything and are still really hydrating. then we cleansed using a little scoop of the Herbalism Face Mask from LUSH. rub it into your skin for a few minutes and then rinse it off with cold water. i told my mom to pat her skin dry with the washcloth rather than roughly wiping it off.

after cleansing it's time to exfoliate. use a dime sized amount of Cup O' Coffee Scrub from LUSH to exfoliate the T zone focusing on the forehead, nose, and chin. after lightly scrubbing for a few minutes rinse it off with cold water.

next in our routine was a purifying face mask. my mom had never tried the famous Aztec Clay Mask that's been blowing up all over the internet so i knew she had give it a go. you can mix the clay with water or apple cider vinegar but because i didn't know how sensitive my mom's skin could be since she hadn't used it before i thought we would just opt for water. im glad we went this route because my mom was having a real struggle enjoying the mask when it was on her face hahaha. she was trying to like move her mouth and legit couldn't after having it on for like 10 minutes. i could tell she was super uncomfortable so we washed it off as soon as it dried.

finally, my mom shared some of her intensive moisturizing serum from Revetin with me, let it dry, and then added Platone Skin Lab moisturizing day cream. our skin felt amazing! which i didn't know would be the case since we both have such different skin types. she was really happy and impressed even though she might not have looked like it! as you can see below hahahaa

even though it was super simple, we both had a great little routine that we were able to do together. maybe if you aren't quarantined with your parent you can do a spa routine with them through FaceTime! don't necessarily worry about having the exact products... just focus on the routine.

remove makeup – cleanse – exfoliate – purifying mask – hydrating serum – hydrating cream

pamper yourself and the ones you love. in whatever way you want.


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