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root coverage for my mom

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

every month i dye my mom's roots. she loves it and i love it. this time around though i thought i would document the process in a few pictures -

my mom has medium brown hair and for maximum gray coverage she uses the AGEbeautiful color 6N Light Brown Permanent Liquid Hair Color. you can find this product at Sally's beauty supply. she only gets the tubes which are separate from other supplies used: mixing bowl, application brush, and comb. you can purchase those at Sally's as well.

mix a tube of 20 Volume developer with one tube of dye - 1:1 ratio. let dye sit for a few seconds and then apply. the way i like to do it is by parting the hair using the back of the application brush right down the middle. starting with one side section the hair as you go and apply the dye from root to ends. once you do one of the top sides go back to the middle and start the other. once you're all done with the top then start sectioning the back. easiest way for me to section off the back is to do it horizontally in small sections until you work your whole way around their head. the smaller the sections the better coverage you'll get. once you're done sectioning use the remaining dye and massage it on top of their head.

let the dye sit in their hair for 30 minutes. rinse out and condition well.

now you have a glowing mama

good luck!



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