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setting up your home coffee station

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

why buy coffee out ever again when you can have it all at home?? i always say that to myself and i always find some way to splurge on Starbucks every now and then... but i love that my home has its own coffee station. first thing when i wake up, i go into the kitchen and make myself an iced latte for the day. if you're a coffee lover like me and want to set up your own coffee station from home then keep on reading!


it really depends on the coffee that you like but if you like espresso drinks (lattes, cappuccinos, americanos, etc.) then invest in an espresso machine. if you like regular coffee, purchase a standard coffee maker. you can also use a pour over or french press if you like your coffee more flavorful. if you like foamed milk, think about investing in a separate milk frother. you can also use the attachment to steam milk with an espresso machine. i actually prefer cold foam over steamed milk so i use a separate cold milk foamer. in my coffee station i have an espresso machine, coffee maker, and french press which i alternate between. i'll usually make an iced latte with two shots in the morning and then drink regular coffee throughout the day if i want more caffeine.


the tools i keep at my coffee station are a lil coffee tamper. i have a giant jar where i store our coffee grounds to put in the garden. i have a coffee bean grinder. i have a coffee scoop with a measurer to know exactly how many cups i'm using and a metal container to steam milk.


my family mostly drinks Peet's Coffee but i love coffee from Brandywine Coffee Roasters as well as Starbucks (highkey). when it comes to espresso i only use cafe Bustelo. it has the best espresso taste and really nice rich flavors. try a bunch of brands and see what you like best! i will let you in on a secret though... try picking a light or medium roast for your morning coffee blend. a lot of people think dark roast means more caffeine and more flavor but it's actually the opposite since dark roasts are further processed. Smithbridge Road by Brandywine Coffee Roasters is one of my favorite medium roasts. i also like to keep instant coffee in our coffee station too just in case.

syrups & flavors

if you love to add in flavors, try checking out some syrups to boost your coffee game. you can make your own syrup like i did for this coffee recipe or purchase them online / in store. i recommend Ghirardelli chocolate, caramel, and white mocha syrups and Monin for the rest. their lavender syrup is literally the BOMB. i'm actually trying to make my own once my lavender plants bloom more so stay tuned for a recipe on that! along with syrups it's always good to have some sweeteners at your coffee station. i like having raw sugar, honey, and simple syrup at the ready.

milk & creamer

i looove creamy coffee so we always have half & half in our fridge. but lately i've been trying out a lot of different options for non-dairy milk and i feel so much better drinking non-dairy options over regular milk and cream. right now i've been loving the Califia Farms Coconut Milk a lot. it's super creamy and tastes amazing with my iced lattes. i also love Oatly Milk as well. it has a really yummy aftertaste. i'll usually add one of these milk options and then top it off with just a splash of cream.

ice cubes

my new favorite coffee hack has been using coffee cubes! i'll fill up an iced tray with leftover iced coffee and use it to make yummy ice cubes. sometimes i mix the coffee with caramel syrup so their a lil bit sweet or chocolate syrup to make them mocha. check out my coffee cube recipes here. never again will i have watery iced coffee!


hope this helped you with starting your own coffee station!

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