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shit i used and never used in college

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

the summer before your first year of college you're always looking at the Pinterest "college packing lists" and getting so nervous about all the stuff you MUST bring to COLLEGE. some stuff i used every single day while other stuff i just threw under my bed and totally forgot about. here's a small list of the shit i used and never used in college...


french press: i used this thing every single day. it makes ur coffee better than a machine and it's easy to use. just make sure u don't get a glass one! mine broketh :_(

silverware & cutlery: i eat in a cooperative so having my own plate/bowl/utensils made my life sm easier. plastic is honestly the way to go. bring ur cutlery everywhereee. u never know when u might need it.

tissues: the first time i got sick with a cold i felt like my world was about to end anddd i wanted my mommy. tissues made it way better. i got a lot of boxes at the beginning of the year but i ultimately had to borrow tissues from other people so THAT'S how much i used them up.

mattress pad: i NEEDED this. you NEED this. please USE this so ur back feels less in pain.

umbrella: this seems like such a given but i honestly never used an umbrella before i got to college. probably because i never walked around places in the burbs. but this is definitely a must have and i may or may not have hoarded three by the end of the first semester. also keep this shit in ur backpack because especially in ohio u never know.

electric kettle: i never knew what this was but this low-key saved my LIFE. i made a ton of ramen, oatmeal, and hot cocoa. beautiful.

notebook: i honestly used a giant notebook and thats how i got through college. take notes in a notebook or on ur laptop and call it quits. no need for folders and shit. just a backpack, pen/pencil and notebook and ur good.


desk lamp: i didn't need a lamp at my desk so that's probably why i never used it but also because i really hated the type of yellow artificial light it had. buy a sun lamp, general room lamp, or a bed lamp. i had fairy lights and those were bright enough for me.

planner: you use so much Google calendar that it's not necessary to have a planner imo. i use my phone Google cal for my schedule and my laptop Google cal for my homework.

lysol wipes: i lived in a really clean dorm compared to other kids but i rarely used my lysol wipes. use Apple Cider Vinegar instead, its way better for u and the space.

all my shoes: i have a really bad problem when it comes to packing shoes bc i want to pack it all. honestly, pack like 6 pairs that you'll actually wear and focus on bringing good essential wardrobe pieces.

books: i read so many e-books and no actual books. bring them to put on ur shelf but understand that you'll be amazon prime ordering all ur books and it's way easier to just buy them online... the day before the assignment's due...

Good Luck and yay college,


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