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skincare favorites

taking care of my skin has been one of my newest hobbies. i can't stop trying new products and figuring out what works best for me. this is a complete list of my all time favorite skincare products i've used this year–

dermalogica precleanse balm: this smooth balm to oil completely melts your makeup off and gets rid of all dirt and residue. massage the balm into your skin with your finger tips or a facial mitt as the first step to your pm routine

dermalogica active clay cleanser: this cleanser is perfect for people with more oily skin types, however, i've been including this cleanser into my routine and i absolutely love it. it's very gentle, super smooth, and gets rid of excess shine without stripping my skin of it's natural oils

dermalogica hydro masque exfoliant: i love this exfoliant because it hydrates while getting rid of dead skin cells. it has mini exfoliating beads similar to daily microfoliant but also has gentle hydrating orbs that penetrate the skin leaving it soft and moisturized directly after use

clarityrx crushed bamboo exfoliant: you can use this exfoliant 2-3 times a week because it's a bit more intense than hydro masque and daily microfoliant. this exfoliant is so nice because it contains menthol which soothes the skin and creates that fresh tingly feeling. this exfoliant is the perfect morning pick me up and leaves your skin bright and glowing

cocokind rosewater toner: with toners i typically think the less stuff in it the better. this toner has literally one ingredient and it totally does the job. spray it directly onto your face or into your palms of your hands and pat into the skin. rosewater naturally tightens your pores and keeps your skin looking seamless

dermalogica biolumin vitamin-c eye serum: my holy grail product for under eye circles. a little goes a long way so gently tap a dime sized amount directly to the under eye area. roll upwards with a chilled facial roller for maximum de-puffing results

clarityrx daily fruit moisturizing mask: my aesthetician friend Desirea recommended this mask and i absolutely love it. it's super hydrating and smells absolutely incredible. while i love all my clarity masks, i'd have to say this is my favorite right now since my skin neeeds the moisture this season

botanics daily moisturizer spf 15: this moisturizer is super lightweight and does the trick under my foundation. i love the smell and also love how big the container is. plus... their packaging is awesome

dermalogica prisma protect spf 30: i won't use any more spf than this but prisma protect is one of my absolute favorite moisturizers because it's sooo lightweight for such great coverage

cocokind grape seed caviar vitamin-c serum: this is my absolute favorite all around serum for daily use

botanics overnight facial oil with rosehip and lavender: i use this every night to lock in moisture and keep my skin hydrated throughout the night

the ordinary hyaluranic acid serum: my newest serum to the collection but it feels absolutely amazing. for the affordable price point i definitely will be using this hydrating serum as a part of my routine

lapcos sheet masks: we sold these when i worked at Anthropologie but i never got them... i decided to try one the other day and it was soooo nice, especially paired with my chilled facial roller. you can use a sheet mask 1-2 a week after exfoliating

rose quartz facial roller: hands down my favorite skincare tool ever! my rose quartz facial rollers wakes my skin up and makes a huge difference in my overall routine. i'm interested to try NuFace and other electromagnetic current therapies in the future


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