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spa night routine

the best thing about being locked up in my house for over a month has been really being able to take care of myself more than i used to. whenever i don't listen to my body my skin tends to really act up. tonight i did my favorite spa night routine and thought i'd share my super simple and effective routine...

lip scrub

mix equal parts honey and sugar.

the honey adds moisture and the sugar will help exfoliate dead skin from your lips.

scrub and keep on lips for several minutes.


favorite face mask

herbalism by LUSH is my favorite face cleansing mask because it's natural and leaves my skin feeling so clean and fresh. you can use it as a face mask or even on your whole body in the shower. leave it on for 10 minutes and rinse it off with cold water. afterwards i like to run an ice cube across my face. it's sooo cold but will actually make your pores a lot tighter and rid any bags under your eyes.

hair mask for oily hair

i have always dyed my hair in the past which made it super damaged and frizzy. but since growing my natural color out i've actually noticed the opposite. because my hair was so dry in the past, my scale produces excess oils and can make my hair oily literally one day after i washed it. but this mask is the absolute best way to fix oily roots. mix one egg white with lemon juice. coat your hair in the mixture and leave it in for 10-20 minutes. rinse out with shampoo in cold water (it's the best temp for hair).

treat yourself



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