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stuff i wish i knew going into college

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

the first year of college at Oberlin was really crazy and intense. i met some incredible people. i met some interesting people. but my first year was really wonderful in a lot of ways. i learned a lot along the way but there a some things that i wish i reminded myself before starting the process...

socializing isn't a chore

going to college was so weird because it was the very first time that i thought of socializing as this super annoying daunting task. when i'm at home even if i'm going somewhere new or meet a new person i rarely ever feel like that. it's really difficult though at college because there is so much going on in your head about what you will do or say to meet new friends. i think that's a reason why a lot of friends are weird at the beginning of college. once your 2nd or 3rd year comes around those feelings change. relax and be open to new adventures and things, even if other people around you aren't. just completely be yourself and you'll attract good people. go into social settings with a completely open mind.

be comfortable with your thing

everyone has their own way of navigating college life. be confident in the life that you live and do things that just enrich it. do the things you want to and not what you don't. so many people get fixated on big events or what everyone else is doing. do what makes you happy and work on being comfortable with that.

invite a random classmate to do something

if you're out, invite a classmate you don't know that well to do something with you. it could start a friendship or you can just learn about a new person. plan on doing something for yourself and invite someone along.

don't stress

stressing out is probably the worst thing you can do for you health. instead of staying late and trying to push through something- get your rest. take your time. make a study routine and create habits to eliminate stress. on the reverse, no stress ever can lead to not studying which is equally just as damaging!

remember why you're here

a lot of times i get flustered with everything. i sometimes can only see the difficulties effecting life in the moment. it sounds cheesy but i sometimes forget how lucky i am to be a student enrolled in college. i have three more years of school until i earn my degree. sometimes just reminding myself of why i'm here helps me look past the immediate hurt in the moment.

don't over pack

i know it feels like you need to bring your entire life to college... don't you'll have to bring it all back



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