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the perfect mother's day flowers based on her personality

i was chatting with my bestie Lauren about what i would get for my mom this mother's day... buying expensive gifts isn't really the best option for me because i'm a broke college student in the middle of a pandemic. a lot of people are dealing with varying degrees of economic stress during this time too. but putting together a bouquet of flowers makes the perfect gift! they are beautiful and affordable. go the extra mile by including a personalized touch!

the personality traits listed below are NOT exclusive and your mother or partner definitely has at least one, if not all, of these traits! but whatever flowers you do choose can be amped up with a little note describing what your flowers symbolize and what personality traits your loved one possesses that led you to choose them.

trust me... she'll LOVE it

if your mother is bold and outspoken then roses are definitely for her. roses signify love, boldness, and passion. they are the classic choice for mothers who have fiery relationships not only with their lovers but with every member of their family. roses have soft angular petals paired with thorn-filled stems which signify both the beautiful and tumultuous sides of love. if you are selecting roses for your partner i recommend choosing red roses which symbolize passionate / romantic love whereas other family members should opt for pink roses which symbolize admiration and grace.

if your mother is sensitive and emotional then orchids are a great choice. orchids signify virility which is the perfect balance for mothers who have sensitive emotions. orchids are extremely beautiful, delicate flowers which represent luxury and elegance, making them the perfect mother's day gift. if your mother prefers a more classic aesthetic, the best colors to choose from are pink (femininity, grace, joy) or white (purity) orchids. purple (admiration) or orange (boldness) orchids are a great option for someone with more exotic taste in decor.

if your mother is extremely generous, kind, and forgiving then tulips are the ideal flower for her. tulips signify cheerfulness, forgiveness, and happiness. their bright colors are perfect for anyone to show off for the spring season. because they are some of the first flowers to bloom in the springtime, they often are associated with new beginnings which make a great gift for someone with a kind and forgiving soul. pink and yellow tulips are definitely the best colors to give for mother's day because they are associated with gentleness.

if your mother is creative and passionate then peonies are a wonderful option. peonies signify beauty in all forms, passion, honor, and good fortune. their name's origin is based upon their history involving medicinal and healing properties. any mother with a passion for artistic beauty would absolutely fall in love with their beautiful blossoms. pink peonies represent a more romantic love while pale pink or white peonies make perfect gifts from children because they signify respect and admiration.

wrap up your flowers in paper or with an old newspaper and tie them together with twine. attach a little note to the bouquet with the name of the flowers, what they signify, and why you got them for her!

happy mother's day



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