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Updated: Jun 25, 2020

it's been about a week since i wrote my latest post and i've had a couple people wonder what i've been doing. i want to start off by saying that i'm so much happier and better now than i was when i began this blog. of course, shit still is difficult from time to time, but i feel truly blessed to be in the situation i'm in right now. i'm living at home. i know i'm going back to school January 4th. i'm focused.

i've been socializing A LOT more than i was. as the beginning of the quarantine i felt so completely alone. right now i don't feel that way. i've been seeing lots of friends. i took a trip to Vermont to visit molly from school this past week and god was it healing. not only to be in the beautiful nature but to have a friend around me every day. it was really great. during that trip though i really was not on my phone a lot, hence why i took a mini hiatus from blogging. at the beginning of the quarantine literally all i did was stare at a screen. but actually hiking and gardening and spending more time with other people has been incredibly therapeutic for me. so i took a long needed break. it feels so good not having your fucking phone with you all day. i can't stress that enough.

my partner and i also broke up which was pretty sad but very mature and amicable. and in a weird way it's been important to learn for me to just focus on myself. i like being in relationships because i'm always focused on another person but that's not always the best. i have to learn first how to be good with myself and deal with my own stuff.

moving forward i want to curate more meaningful content which means it'll probably come out less often. ofc i still plan on writing storytimes and putting together short little beauty posts etc. but i find it to be much more rewarding when i research into a topic and spend a lot of time developing an interesting post around it. i also want to make more cooking videos but make them more accessible. it would be great if i made cooking videos more tailored to low income folks instead of a lot of the boujee shit i use (which i alone obviously cannot afford). i want to make recipes that anyone could replicate given the materials they have ( unlike the fancy ass espresso machine i use). after saying all this though i have a recipe coming out for how to make your own poke bowls and I KNOW ITS BOUJEE but seriously worth a try so yes after that recipe i will make them less expensive and complicated i promise.

during this time i've also been looking for a job. i had an offer today and several interviews coming up in the week so i'm really excited about that. i remember at the start of the pandemic i couldn't find any jobs. having all these interviews and opportunities makes me feel like i'm back on my bs! i'm thinking of making a post centered around job interviews so lemme know if that seems cool.

so yeah, basically i haven't been doing a whole lot. but i've been so much happier than i was. i will definitely still continue to blog and i want to get on a schedule soon for posting. but for right now i'm just taking it a day at a time. i'm happy with all the progress i've made but there is still a lot to do.

thank you to everyone still following this journey and i can't wait for what the future holds.

me and molly

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